How to send your files

If you are using Protools

  1. Open your Protools session
  2. Go to "file"
  3. Click "Save copy in" and choose where you want to save your file
  4. Find "items to copy"
  5. Check "all audio files"
  6. Click "ok"
  7. Click"save"
  8. When save is complete navigate to saved folder which should be labeled "copy of [song name}"
  9. Rt click on "compress" (for a Mac) or "zip" (for a pc)
  10. Your file is now ready to send
  11. Open my drop box link
  13. Click "choose file"
  14. Navigate to the file you just created and select it
  15. Type your name in the subject box
  16. Type any additional notes or instructions in the message box
  17. Click "send file" This could take a while depending on the file size and your internet speed, remember upload times are slower than download times.
  18. Please call or text (330)503-4935 to verify your file has been received

If you are using a file other than Protools All files need to be included in a full.wav format and start at the beginning of the song If these files are extremely large please contact me to discuss alternate transfer methods.